Art Supplies

Hello my creative friends!  I wanted to give you some great resources for all your artistic needs.  These are products that I use myself, and have researched to get you the best price and value for your $.  I highly recommend these products and if you would like to see how I use them in my own art creations, please visit my YouTube Channel for more creative ideas and uses for these products. ~ Yvette


I use this product for all my macrame projects. The quality is amazing as it’s 100% cotton and you get a large bundle of 153 - 218 yards that will accommodate many smaller projects of one really large project. Available in 3mm and 4mm.

Check out my DIY turoial for this amazing little wall hanging to the left.



This is a great option for art journaling if you are taking my “Mandala Diaries” membership program on Patreon.come/yvettestamant. It lays flat, which makes it easy to work in, and the pages won’t bleed so you can use all kinds of mixed media with it. There are multiple covers to choose from and the interior pages are cream color. The journal I show to the left is similar, however the interior is made of craft paper.

See this pen in action as I use it on top of acrylic paint to decorate these Easter eggs.


Making sure you have the right tools for designing mandalas is key. This is a wonderful set which includes all the necessities; compass, protractor, ruler, pencil, sharpener, and little bit extra. If you want to create beautifully symmetrical mandalas, I highly recommend owning this little geometry kit.


Starter Book Binding kit: recommended if you are taking one of my Art Journal Workshops.  This little kit is great for beginners and has everything you need for endless amounts of book making.

Learn how to construct and bind my quarter flat Vintage Art Journal.


I love making my own one of a kind stamps, and if you like journaling, scrapbooking, and creating original  art, you will love it too.  This is a great little starter kit to get you going.  You'll get a carving tool, plus a yummy 4" x 6" easy carve block which is at least $10 alone at your local art store.

Peacock feathers are a must have in the world of DIY when creating home decorative items like my "Peacock Mandala Wall Art".  I have made it easy for you to stock up on bulk feathers before watching my DIY project on the left.  Visit my YouTube channel to see this project and more.