Artist: Yvette St. Amant

International Published specializing in fine art collections for home decor

International Published specializing in fine art collections for home decor

French-Canadian born, international published artist, Yvette St. Amant resides and pursues her creation of fine art in the Southwest region of the United States since 2007.  Her passion for art developed at a very young age, eventually studying Fine Arts at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and completing her BFA.  Her artist career started in her 20’s painting, and drawing large scale animals, exhibiting work in Ontario, and Vancouver, BC, Canada. By the age of 30 she was publishing and selling her art globally, specializing in fine art for the home décor industry, which she continues to do to this day.

Moving periodically throughout the provinces of Canada in her early childhood, and growing up on the north shore of Lake Superior, Yvette gained an appreciation for travel and adventure early in life.  Her passion for art followed her wherever her family took her. In the summers she spent several months at her parent’s lake home on Rainy Lake, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.  “It was a simple couple months every year with no electricity, running water, or sophisticated plumbing, But, I learned to appreciate nature, plus, I was always in and around the water which made me feel free.”  Paint, paper, and all the drawing tools she could get her hands on kept Yvette occupied as she spent countless hours creating and practicing art on their old picnic table which her parents still have at the cottage. Art took her to a place where she could express herself and put down any thoughts and feeling without judgment or explanation.  “It made me happy and extremely content just creating.  The freedom to scribble whatever I felt was euphoric, and to this day, I feel the same way.”

She completed her BFA in 1996, and in 1997 moved to Vancouver, BC where she continued to create art and also dabbled in photography for a few years.  Shortly after gaining a publisher in 2003, she was welcomed aboard the City of Richmond Art Centre as an art teacher, judge for juried exhibition, and contractor for the City of Richmond on various art projects.  One of which was collaborating with world renown arts facility planner, Milenko Matonovic, on the a East Richmond Gather Place, and being an integral part of developing an outreach program serving the Richmond School Board by bringing art education back into the school system. 

In 2007 she relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, immediately developed a professional relationship with a gallery in Scottsdale where she is on continued rotation, and a place where she can host solo and collaborated exhibitions. Also a juried member of the Arizona Arts Alliance, she has exhibited throughout the Phoenix area, all while continuing to produce published works for home decor.  In 2017 she was brought on to implemented a youth outreach program in the west valley teaching and working on collaborated projects to display in local galleries, and permanent display at the White Tank Regional Library.

Yvette still continues to produce art for home décor, while creating larger scale collections of her “Abstract Fusion” works for collectors and art lovers around the world.  She is a full time professional artist who is passionate about inspiring others, and has spent the last several years connecting and collaborate with other artists around the globe. 

Artist Statement

My artwork is a retrospective of my journey as an artist.  It’s reflective of my spirit, my inspirations, and my personal growth, but also to influence and inspire others personal journey.  Often I collaborate elements from my various collections (mandalas, floral, and suggestive lines) into a single painting to emote a greater meaning. The merging of these elements and their individual meaning come together to represent a greater story in what I refer to as abstract fusion. Contemporary floral washes, suggested ballerinas in ink, and energetic “Chi” of my mandalas are among this collaboration. 

Delicate blooms are painted with loose washes of diluted acrylic paint upon layers of translucent, and dripping color.  Background textures are created to mimic the fluidity of water, something I feel a great connection to as an artist.  It evokes a calming energy giving me clarity and focus, at the same time building a strong significant foundation to my paintings as it represents movement.  It’s an emotional connection I absorbed through the canvas as it primes the evolution of each paintings.  Combining this technique with blossoming florals, which depict the beauty of nature’s creations and representing female divinity, become a powerful statement of one’s truth and diversity.  When combined with simplistic ink lines suggestive of a dancing figure, this signifies the journey of a passionate soul moving through life.  The footprint of her migration through conflicts and valor are depicted on the canvas surface with ink splatters and dots. 

The florals alone are representative of women letting go of judgement, restraint, and pessimistic prospects in order for her to feel full gratification of what she can accomplish.  However, combined with the suggestive ink lines in what is perceived as a ballerina evokes an even powerful meaning, the evolution of her euphoric triumph. 

Another element I often fuse into my paintings is the “mandala”.  I used this symbol as a representation of concentric energy, connecting body, mind, and soul.  Alone, it’s a therapeutic visual trance, helping to calm and give focus to the viewer.  When used in collaboration with my other elements, it elevates the message to the next level of interpretation, emitting the energy which influences the soul through her journey.  These paintings are visual dialogues of inspiration and empowerment, to encourage optimism and self-virtue within the aesthetic. 

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